Of an Inner World…

Version française

In my memories, I have always been fascinated by the precise moment at which just enough abstraction impinges on reality to push me to take a photograph. It comes without warning; my gaze evades reality and merges with my inner world.

In the photographs presented here, I have tried to shape the essential of this world and its recurring themes. Whether I lay my eyes on an urban or a rural landscape, this moment appears when a feeling of emptiness is felt most acutely in me. A frame is defined, grey and diffused light, a composition takes shape, lines of flight are traced. At times the subject is placed in the centre of the frame, without forgetting its surroundings, in order for it to make sense.

If the places I photograph are empty of humanity, they are, can or could be inhabited. Although absent, human presence is possible, just before or after, or even in an undefined close off-frame. For each of these photographs matching light exists, with as wide a range of shades as possible, sometimes bathed in an urban ambiance, through a series of modern buildings, or isolated play grounds, sometimes rural, with perspective here provided by the position of a tree or a line of flight outlined by a wild twig. So many ways in which I try to express that from which no human escapes: the loneliness and, in essence, the infinite.

My photographic approach is not an exploration of concepts. My goal is to achieve a level of non-thought and of meditation that allows me to evoke a visual mental space. Subjected to my imagination, capable henceforth of escaping the authenticity of things, reality becomes a veil and there takes place, beyond my inner world, a singular duplication of myself.

Thus, I find myself gazing at me…

Philippe Ciaparra,
Paris, 30th of May, 2009